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Fundraising at your own school can make a huge difference to the lives of young people in rural Africa. Whether it’s an on-going link with a school in Africa or a one-off donation, your support could help children access the quality education they deserve.

Here are some fun and easy ideas for fundraising at school:


  • Book swap! Ask students to bring in all their old books and sell them to each other for a donation.
  • Show your talents! Hold a talent competition or karaoke during lunch. Charge an entry fee and have children and teachers battle it out for the title. Don’t forget to get a prize for the winners.
  • Sponge a teacher! Have students pay to get their own back for all that homework and throw wet sponges at the teachers.
  • Sponsored silence! This is fun for the children and provides a welcome break for the teachers. The longer you stay silent, the more money you raise.
  • Non-uniform day! The classic school fundraiser. Ask your headteacher about a dress down day with each child donating to take part. Make it more fun and wear African clothes to support Hope Africa.

The Challenge for Schools in Rural Africa

The schools and communities we work with in Malawi face many challenges, meaning children often leave school without receiving the quality of education they deserve:

·         Discrimination against minorities, children living with disabilities and girls prevent them from attending or staying in school.

·         Families living in poverty can’t afford to support their children's education.

·         Teachers lack proper training or support, so they struggle to effectively engage their students or stay motivated.

·         Classrooms can be unsafe and are often missing vital textbooks and resources.

·         Toilets can be unhygienic and water supplies unsafe, putting children at risk of preventable diseases.

How will your school benefit?

Our School Fundraising Programme, developed in consultation with UK teachers, provides lesson plans linked to the national curriculum, as well as school presentations, games and resources to help your students:

·         Gain a better understanding of global issues

·         Learn about the cause they are supporting 

·         Establish links between their lives and the lives of those that they are helping

·         Understand the work of charities

·         Develop participation skills and their role in active global citizenship

·         Work as a team to understand how individual and collective actions can benefit others

Your school will also gain an unforgettable insight into life and learning in a school in sub-Saharan Africa.

What could your school achieve?

·         £150 could buy sports equipment, including footballs, volleyballs and netballs, for one school.

·         £200 could provide textbooks and learning resources, such as educational games and visual aids, for one class.

·         £500 could provide a handwashing station, so children have a clean and hygienic place to wash their hands

·         £1,000 could pay for 3 extra teachers and improve education outcomes for over-crowded classrooms.

·         £2500 could build a safe and hygienic toilet block with eight latrines.

·         £10,000 could pay for a new classroom and provide a safe, reliable and accessible place for children to learn.


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Hope Africa is an International Christian Charity dedicated to bringing hope to people in Africa. We ask you to stand in prayer with us and to believe God for increase, opportunity and open doors to end sickness, disease and poverty.


Africa is a continent with 54 countries and with huge contrasts in levels of development and poverty. Malawi is one of the poorest countries with 50% of the population living below the poverty line and 25% living in extreme poverty.


Our vision is a world where everyone has access to safe drinking water; has food to eat every day and has access to education – so they can dream and hope for a better future. Our aim is to change one life at a time!