Making a will is one of the most incredible

things you can do to provide hope, love and a better future

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Leaving a gift in your will is one of the most amazing ways that you can support Hope Africa. It is also one of the most incredible ways of providing hope, love and a better future for some of the poorest people in the world.

Dirty water is keeping millions of people in poverty, together we can change this.

Water is scarce in many African countries, people are still forced to drink dirty water or walk miles to a bore-hole each day. Everyone has a right to food. Millions of people are trying to survive each day and are unable to provide for their families. All it takes is some land, tools, fertiliser, a supply of water and the right skills. 

Hope Africa is working hard to help support families so that future generations can feed their families.

No one should miss out on a right to an education. We are working hard to reduce class sizes, provide resources and teachers to dramatically improve the quality of education and opportunities for the next generation.

But we can’t do this alone?

We need your support through legacies to change the future for poor families and bring hope, love and change to the future for the next generation.

You can help by remembering Hope Africa in your will.

Everyone should have an up to date Will, regardless of age and especially if you travel a lot. A Will means you can determine what happens to your money, property and belongings. It gives you peace of mind – and it also saves your close family unnecessary stress at an unavoidably distressing time.

Without an up to date Will, the UK’s government’s intestacy laws decide what happens to your money and property – sometimes with outcomes you won’t have expected. Having a Will avoids all that.

We have put together a will planner to help you consider the main questions.

How to Make a Gift in Your Will

If you have a solicitor already and would like them to write your Will, just make an appointment. It might be useful to take the completed Will Planner with you.

What kind of gift can I leave in my will?

  1. A share in your estate. (Residuary legacy), this is where you leave a share or all of your estate to Hope Africa.

  2. A specific sum. (Pecuniary legacy), this is a gift of a specific amount of money.

  3. A specific item.

If you have any questions about leaving a legacy to Hope Africa, please contact Andrea Membe, Head of Fundraising on 0751 1916136 or by email on


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Hope Africa is an International Christian Charity dedicated to bringing hope to people in Africa. We ask you to stand in prayer with us and to believe God for increase, opportunity and open doors to end sickness, disease and poverty.


Africa is a continent with 54 countries and with huge contrasts in levels of development and poverty. Malawi is one of the poorest countries with 50% of the population living below the poverty line and 25% living in extreme poverty.


Our vision is a world where everyone has access to safe drinking water; has food to eat every day and has access to education – so they can dream and hope for a better future. Our aim is to change one life at a time!