Do something fun while fighting poverty?

Fundraising Events

Fancy doing something fun while fighting poverty? We’ve got great fundraising ideas and resources to inspire and help you raise money for Hope Africa. Get everything you need to set up your fundraiser email us and we’ll send you a fundraising pack.

Stuck for inspiring fundraising ideas? You could try having your friends and family over for a Big Brekkie fundraising breakfast. Sign up for a pack and receive all the resources you need. 

Or maybe you’d prefer something more energetic, like a sponsored sporting event. We have plenty of ideas for walks, treks, cycles and runs you can take part in – see below. 

Perhaps you already have plenty of fundraising ideas of your own and would just like a little support. Check out our Do It Your Way resources below.


Fundraising Ideas

The first step in planning your fundraiser is to pick an idea of what you want to do. You might already have an idea, but if you need some inspiration we’ve put together a few fundraising ideas, based on where you want to fundraise. Remember though, whatever you choose, pick something you enjoy doing.

Fundraising in your community is definitely a case of the more the merrier, so organise your fundraiser in the heart of your community and invite everyone along.

For this you need the perfect venue. Why not hold your fundraising idea in your town centre or village hall, your local pub or leisure centre?

To get you started, here are some fundraising ideas to take you out into the community:


  • Treasure hunt! Organise a treasure hunt around your town. Walk or cycle from clue to clue in search of hidden treasure. People pay to enter, and ask a local business to donate a prize to the winning team.
  • Bowling night! Hire some lanes at your local bowling alley, and charge teams to fill them. Your local venue might even offer special rates for charity nights. Sell refreshments to boost the money you raise, and even ask the bowlers to raise sponsorship – the more pins they knock over, the more they raise.
  • Duck race! Sell numbered plastic ducks and launch them from a bridge into your local river. The duck to finish first wins. Make sure you get permission from the relevant authorities in your area; check out our Keeping It legal and safe document for further advice. Loads of fun.
  • Quiz night! Get quizzical with your friends and hold a quiz night at your local pub, church hall or community centre.
  • Dress African is a chance to dress in clothes from a different culture, try to be as loud and colourful as possible.


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Hope Africa is an International Christian Charity dedicated to bringing hope to people in Africa. We ask you to stand in prayer with us and to believe God for increase, opportunity and open doors to end sickness, disease and poverty.


Africa is a continent with 54 countries and with huge contrasts in levels of development and poverty. Malawi is one of the poorest countries with 50% of the population living below the poverty line and 25% living in extreme poverty.


Our vision is a world where everyone has access to safe drinking water; has food to eat every day and has access to education – so they can dream and hope for a better future. Our aim is to change one life at a time!