Teaching Project 21/22

Imagine a world where every child can goes to school? Hope Africa is focusing on funding teachers and teacher training to improve education in primary schools.


There are 4.4 million children in Malawi enrolled in primary school and yet only 30% complete primary school and a staggering 8% complete secondary schools.  Malawi has the lowest reading and maths scores in Africa. There is a massive underfunding of education by the government in Malawi. This is reflected in a huge shortage of primary school teachers in Malawi. Often, teacher ratios are in excess of one teacher to more than 100 children and frequently over 150 children. And yet there are 10,000 newly qualified teachers without jobs?

Hope Africa is focusing on funding more teachers in schools and providing training for teachers and schools to improve outcomes for childrens’ futures.  

It costs £365 to fund a newly qualified teacher in Malawi for a year.

That's just £1 each day.                                                                                                             

You can bring hope to children in Africa through Hope Africa's 365 Appeal - Teachers Project in Malawi.

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Teaching Project 21/22

Teaching Project 21/22