Football and Netball 4 Schools

Imagine a world with NO football? Hope Africa has started funding football and netball coaches, nets and footballs so that kids at primary school can enjoy football.


"We were delighted when Hope Africa called Matindi Primary School to say footballs, whistles, markers, vests and a funding for a football coach had been donated. The kids were so excited at the prospect of playing football and netball, the two most popular sports in Malawi. This project will change so much, we didn't have any resources for sports lessons, so our lessons involved mainly running and games. Zikomo kwambiri translates thank you so much," says Mr Mwachilera, Deputy Headteacher at Matindi Primary School.

"Everyone wants to come to school and play football and we are planning on starting our first ever Matindi Warriors Football Team in 2019/20." 

Watch this space, this project is focussing on providing resources such as footballs and netballs. massive thank you to Bradford Warriors in Bradford, UK because when they heard about Hope Africa's football project; they donated footballs and bibs immediately.  

The first football team in Malawi has been named Malawi Warriors after the brilliant Bradford Warriors. To date Malawi Warriors are unbeaten.  

It costs around £1500 per school to set up this project, but this project brings so much more - hope, fun and laughter!

Our Netball Project has received a boost from Shipley Swift Netball Team who have donated netballs and a netball team kit. The girls are busy training inorder to be ready for next season's games which started in September 2019. Go girls!

You can  DONATE to the Football and Netball Project TODAY.  If you would like more information about how you can support this project email Andrea Membe at  


Football and Netball 4 Schools

Football and Netball 4 Schools